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Tuition Fee and Scholarships

  Tuition of Spring Semester 2019

GSIS 181,000 401,000 1,963,000 2,545,000
From the second semester, admission fee will be exempt from total tuition
     입학 후 두 번째 학기부터는 입학금(Admission Fee)를 제외한 나머지 금액이 등록금 총액임
Tuition can be subject to change without prior notice
     위 등록금은 일부 조정될 수 있음

  Scholarships for PNU Honors Students (Only for International Students)

A. Freshmen
 - Those who graduate from PNU and enter Master’s or Doctorate degree program: Tuition Fee II (full amount)
 - Graded payment depending on the level of TOPIK or English proficiency test

Standard mount of Scholarship
Those who have TOPIK Level 4 (or above) or TOEFL(PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT 80),
IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550, TOEIC 675
Half of Tuition II
TOPIK Level 3 uarter of Tuition II
B. Enrolled students
 - Maintain current standard (Half of Tuition II for those who have GPA 3.5 or above in the last semester)

Application Process
   There is no application process.
   You do not need to apply for this scholarship, and it will be automatically exempted from tuition fees.

   1. Students with a GPA of 2.5 or lower (out of 4.5) right before the next semester.
   2. Students on other scholarships.
   3. Students who were subject to disciplinary measures or other penalties right before the next semester.
   4. Students who have exceeded the years required for graduation under school regulations.
   5. Students who have been disqualified according to scholarship guidelines.
   6. Students disqualified for other reasons.

  Scholarships for Teaching Assistants

   First-year general graduate school students with excellent university entrance grades as determined by GSIS.
   Current general graduate school students with a GPA of 3.0 or more in the previous semester.

Work Hours
   Type A: 60 hours per month
   Type B: 30 hours per month

   Type A will be exempted from tuition fee (about KRW 1,500,000) and Type B up to about KRW 750,000. Scholarships will be automatically exempted from tuition fee.

Application Process
   Application process for teaching assistants will be posted on the notice of GSIS website, if there is a vacancy.